Camping on Second Beach, WA

camping washington state second beach

On Thursday morning my friend and I set out West to hike in the Olympic National Park and spend our very first night camping on Second Beach in Washington, on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean.

We first drove to Hurricane Ridge where we hiked 6 miles, accompanied by the cotton candy clouds above picturesque mountains.

Several hours later, as the sun was beginning its descent into the mouth of the ocean, we arrived at Second Beach and began putting our tent together.

What an incredible moment to step foot on the beach, with the sun going down, the Pacific roaring loudly behind us and the majestic rock formations looming in the background.

What a joy it was to be able to experience all this, photograph it and fill our hearts with wonder at the never-ending beauty of nature, the blanket of the Milky Way above our heads, the crash of the waves as we fell asleep in our tent.

This was one of the most magical nights of my life. I hope that through a few of these photos you too will be able to transport yourself to the Washington coast, close your eyes, and imagine you were with us.

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