Cannon Beach

cannon beach oregon photography yuliya rae

Today my husband and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. As a present to ourselves we planned a mini getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the weekend. The weather promised to be absolutely lovely, the drive only 4 hours from Seattle, and the location – one of the most romantic spots close by.

We set out mid morning/early afternoon from Seattle and without much traffic started heading towards Oregon. We passed by miniature towns of 5,000 people as well as larger settlements where life was bustling on a Saturday morning. The Astoria bridge connecting Washington and Oregon was stunning as it threw its long arm over the multicolored waters of the Columbia river. It seemed the bridge would never end. An hour or so later we arrived to Cannon Beach and settled into our amazing hotel with the view of the Pacific.

We explored the nearby state park, where the beach was full of majestic rocks rising out from the ocean as well as caves that could be explored when the tide would pull out. The ocean was relatively warm and pleasant as it caresses my feet. People, dogs, seagulls, everyone seemed to enjoy this incredibly warm October Sunday, listening to the roar of the ocean, gathering shells, running or simply pondering the power of the water as it danced its way toward us and back like an experienced salsa dancer.

We loved our time in Cannon Beach and hope you do too through a few of the photos I took while in this beautiful town on the Oregon coast.

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