I Am Alive and Drunk on Sunlight

Yuliya Rae Seattle PNW Portrait Outdoor Photographer Herbalist

As much as I love living in the Pacific Northwest the seemingly never-ending days of rain can definitely alter my state to that of near insanity. Last week, as I looked at the forecast, more rain was predicted at which point it would have meant it would have been raining for ten days without a stop. Wanting desperately to go outside and play with my camera was out of the question – the rain kept coming down in merciless, hard sheets of water. So I continued to stew in my cabin fever, distracting myself by writing, drinking tea and reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by the amazing Neil deGrasse Tyson. Until…

Last Tuesday morning, I woke up to the darkness of my bedroom and its black-out curtains fully expecting another day of dark skies, angry clouds and rain. As I pulled apart two layers of the curtains that shield my window I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was sunny!

Few people apart from those living in the PNW can understand my emotions at that moment. Complete elation, giddiness, excitement. And as soon I felt the sun’s warm touch on my face I knew I needed to shoot that afternoon to take full advantage of the day that may not come back for a while.

I began inquiring to everyone I knew whether they’d be available. Hours went by without answers or with apologetic nos. I nearly gave up hope to satisfy the creative monster roaring within as it was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon and I wanted to shoot at sunset, meaning a start time of three forty five pm.

Finally, a fellow photo enthusiast and a member of my favorite local Buy Nothing group reached out and expressed interested in being my model for the day. It was happening! I was going to go play with light!

Golden, warm, all-encompassing glow was perfect for what I wanted to photograph. Enjoy our sunlit photos from a day where the rain was taking a break and letting the sun grace us with its presence once more.

“I am alive, and drunk on sunlight.”
― George R.R. Martin

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