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Being Still

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In my lifetime as a photographer I have photographed many things. From product to landscape to people, I have had a chance to experience variety and see how the light interacts with trees, human faces, pieces of jewelry, you name it. After all, photography is all about light.

For this shoot in particular I wanted to explore light in my studio from one corner to another. I wanted to follow the sun from when it shone into the studio windows during the day to when it moved in its arc in the sky. Seeing the light change, both the space and the human face it touches, is as magical to me today as it was years ago when I first started photographing people.

Roe and I met early Sunday morning. There was no typical prep – no hair and make-up application, no meticulous outfit styling. We went with what felt natural, authentic, good.

What we ended up with reminded me of the vintage photographs of my relatives from the 70s or dated issues of Vogue. Both had a quality of relaxation and ease about the portraits, something I believe we captured beautifully in our session.

Being still, listening to our instincts and the whispers of creativity inevitably led us in the right direction. We found the light in the quiet and the stillness of a Sunday afternoon.

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
― Lao Tzu

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