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Tea and Cake with My Demons

Yuliya Rae Seattle chunky merino becozi knitting photographer

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.

“There there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”
― A.A. Milne

It is remarkably easy to lose oneself in being busy these days. Amidst the blue screens, street noise and ever-changing traffic lights, days pass without proper notice, until we wake up and a year or two has quietly slipped by.

Yearning to relax and enjoy life yet feeling the immense pressure to be busy successful, we bury ourselves in a pile of work, hoping to make ourselves feel less alone in the company of busyness.

What are we running from? Why is our society so afraid of being left alone with nothing to do, no company except your very own colorful daydreams? Or is it our inner demons we are more afraid of?

Each of us has them. They may hide in the traumatic events of your childhood. Or in a pocket of insecurity somewhere deep inside your memories. They can be demons of anger, sadness or jealousy. In the quiet they lurk, waiting to come out and attack.

yumi sakugawa

Or do they?

But what if instead of running from them we just… get friendly? How about inviting our monsters for tea and cake?

In Your Illustrated Guide To Becoming One With the Universe author Yumi Sakugawa advises people to do just that. She believes our demons are just lonely and want some company, desperate to be acknowledged and heard.

It’s risky, I know. But what if after a few tea and cake dates we come to accept them or even befriend them? After all, they are all just parts of us that need to be integrated into the whole of our being.

In the last several months anytime my Busy Demon urged me to get up, get going, do something or feel productive, I would just relax against its hold and not follow its desires. I would listen to it, imagining offering it a slice of red velvet cake and asking it “Why do you feel the need to do this?

Thanks to these chats I gained invaluable insight into my own thinking, beliefs and traditions. I was able to start questioning some of them, tracing the thread of a belief back to its source. Many times it turned out the source was not me. It was my culture, upbringing, my family or some other external influence that formed a conviction so strong I took it in and accepted it as my own.

Would I ever have questioned these beliefs if it weren’t for my rendez vous with my Busy Demon? I am not sure. But I am grateful for the advice I received from Yumi.

So how does one invite a demon over for cake?

I suggest creating a space that is as inviting and cozy as you can make it. Add elements that make you feel at peace and relaxed.

For me these environments are typically full of light and room to breathe, evoking a minimalist space. Having something warm and fluffy to wrap myself in helps tremendously.

I have several blankets from Becozi that are my go-to: the weight of soft Merino wool around me grounds me and calms me, creating a safe space for deep conversations.

I make some tea, get cozy and take out a journal – most of the time demons have a lot to say, you know. I am ready to listen and hear.

So what about you? Will you join me in hosting demon parties?

As inspiration for cozy spaces I am sharing with you the images from my shoot with Becozi, an incredible business that creates blankets, DIY kits, rugs, pet beds and so much more out of chunky Merino yarn. They also stock chenille and acrilyc yarn and they really are a one-stop shop for all your chunky knitting needs. I love working with Becozi as I get to work with the softest products in the world, all while creating beautiful art. Check them out online!





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  1. Larissa says:

    Love this post! Thinking about making a cake for my demons)

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