Stop Running. Be Still.

“If staying scares you more than leaving does, stay.

Stop running. Be still.

Create a home filled with a pervasive sense of belonging. Don’t be a visitor: belong. Plant a garden. Experiment with growing your own food.

Do work you love. Either for yourself or for a company you believe in. Feel good about what you do. Be rewarded by each day that you commit to growing — in knowledge, as a person — in your field.

Develop an infectious love for your city. Visit your local parks, feel a connection to the streets that pave your way.

Love people really well for a really long time. Invest in them, commit to them.

Build a community that embodies everything you wish the larger world was.

Create what you’re looking for in Bali and Africa and Mexico right where you are — even if that happens to be some tiny town in Idaho.

Stop imagining that everything you want is somewhere other than where you are. Stop thinking your life will begin when you go somewhere new. It’s happening. You are here. Commit.”

Written down a long time ago, sadly without the author’s name. If you know the author, please comment as I’d love to credit her/him. 

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