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Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.
― John Muir

I admit that I am tired, nerve-shaken and over-civilized. This summer in particular I had little time to get out into the stunning Pacific Northwest nature and unplug, destress and rekindle my love for the wild.

In the last few months I have moved to a new place, had three visitors and took a trip to Colorado, all while working nights and weekends. My very bones felt exhausted, my soul drained. I yearned to get out of the city to walk on a trail on a mountainside, touching the trees as I went, infusing my heart with their healing energy.

The beauty of being a creative soul is that you always attract friends who are creatives as well. I am so fortunate to be close friends with writers, painters, art therapists, photographers, etc.

One of these beautiful souls is my dear friend Karie, who happened to be one of my three summer visitors. But with Karie there would be no need to tour Seattle’s must-see places as what she wanted to do was catch up, spend time together and get out of the city to camp.

While thinking of where to go I promptly realized I have never been in the Mount Baker area ever since moving to Seattle. So without hesitation I reserved us a camping spot while an idea occurred to me.

A sunrise shoot in the mountains. Rosy glow enveloping the mountainside as the red disk rises into the sky. Pink, delicious light and a sense of wildness and freedom.

It was on. Despite the mosquitoes devouring us at six in the morning, we both breathed deeper, taking the sun’s rays into our very souls. Replenishing, filling the holes, rebuilding anew.

I love these images. They remind me of campfire chats with one of my best friends, of adventures had and yet to be lived, of a close connection between humans and a sense of understanding of what is needed at a certain point in time in order to reset the inner switch.

I finally got to go to the mountains. I was finally wild.

One thought on “Replenishing”

  1. Larissa Koedyker says:

    Beautiful post and gorgeous pictures! We are so far from the nature in everyday life, forgetting how healing and powerful it can be and how much we need it.

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