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The Call of the Wild

Have you heard the call of the wild?

Perhaps you were camping in the North Cascades and a bird called to you before the sun has fully risen over the douglas firs. Or maybe a plant you’ve never noticed before softly whispered into your ear, encouraging you to get to know it better. It’s possible you heard it in the rush of a river coming down from the mountains, as you stood on the uneven rocks on its bank and closed your eyes to the noise, leaning in.

You must have heard the call. Have you answered it?

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes ignoring the wild impossible. It stares at you from the tip of Mount Rainier on a clear day. It whispers to you through the wind when the clouds are heavy with rain and your hair whips about you just so.

My recent wild boudoir shoots have been my answer to the call. Getting up while it’s dark to drive out into the wilderness and watch the sun rise is one of the most magnificent experiences I have had in my life. Quiet, isolated, listening.

Take a look at one more reunion with the nature around me, this time with Skyler as my muse.

And if you are ready to answer the call – get in touch with me and let’s get your wild boudoir on the books before it gets too cold to stand by a waterfall in your underwear.

letting go is hard
but being free is beautiful
– wilder


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