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Yuliya Rae Seattle PNW wild boudoir portrait outdoor photographer

If women governed the entire world, it is my theory that soon we would have world peace and healing of the entire planet.
― Leland Lewis

What would our world look like if we were governed by a matriarchy?

Today I was reading an article in Ukrainian about an ancient culture in modern day Ukraine called Tripyllia. It is theorized to be an egalitarian, matriarchal, goddess-centric society based on the archeological discoveries from the area.

The article talks about women in this society being at the top of the hierarchal order. They were leaders, governors, elders and were respected above everyone else due to their revered ability to create life.

It was empowering for me as a Ukrainian to think that my ancestors were powerful matriarchs, women whose voices were always heard and who did not need to obey or be put down by men.

To know that inside us, their descendants, there is a spark of fire that keeps us strong, opinionated, unafraid.

But we don’t need to have been born and raised in Eastern Europe to know that all women are wells whose capacities for strength, emotion and love run deeper than underground lakes.

The question is when are we going to let those sparks ignite? When are we going to start a raging inferno and take our stand against injustice, against oppression, against the patriarchy itself?

My small contribution is to photograph women in their wild state – outdoors, barely clothed (if at all), one with their nature and their surroundings.

Powerful, courageous, unashamed of their beauty and sexuality, these women are taking a stand right alongside me by doing these sessions.

What will your contribution be? How will you fight to keep your inner fire burning?

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