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Client Spotlight: Becozi

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Becozi was born on a cold, snowy, blustery Michigan day. A knitter since adolescence, Larissa Koedyker, was intrigued by a video she saw online that featured yarn as thick as her wrist. It looked delightfully chunky and soft, and just by looking at it from the other side of the screen, she was hooked.

Larissa started searching for the yarn online and found she had a hard time finding it, let alone being able to distinguish its quality. After weeks of searching, she finally ordered her first ball of Merino wool and started not-so-patiently awaiting its arrival.

When the delivery truck pulled up into her driveway her excitement was visible. And once the package was opened and the yarn has been touched, her life was changed forever.

Larissa went on to establish a knitting company cleverly named Becozi, featuring blankets, DIY kits, pet beds, knitwear and many more products that were added to the company’s line over the years. Becozi grew to include more yarns than the initial Merino, including their incredibly popular jumbo chenille yarn that is custom made just for them.

Becozi is known for their high-quality product and amazing customer service. It’s not surprising that customers keep coming back for more.

I was lucky to have been Becozi’s photographer from its very conception. From the first few blankets that were put up on the website, I was there to document the company’s growth. It’s been an exciting journey to see this company go from a hatchling to a full grown entity.

Over the years I have photographed a number of Becozi’s products. I love the texture of the knits and the added layer of comfort the photo inevitably evokes. I have also been writing for Becozi for over a year, being their primary blog content creator on a weekly basis.

As I am expanding into offering both photography and writing services to my clients, I thought that spotlighting some of the companies I have been already providing this service for would be a great way to introduce them to you.

Check out this video that I made for them as well.

Make sure to take a look at Becozi‘s website and social media platforms, give them a follow and spread the word about this amazing business! 

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