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A Morning at Pike Place Market

Yuliya Rae Seattle PNW boudoir portrait Outdoor Photographer

It was unusually quiet at the Pike Place Market when I pulled in. No large crowds fighting for a spot in line to visit the first Starbucks (which is, disappointedly, not even the first). The stalls were largely empty, except for a few fish vendors who were already set up at 7 am. The atmosphere was hushed and slightly eerie. A perfect start to a photo shoot.

It was the end of January, the air was still brisk as the outside temperature hovered around 35F. We were going to shoot wild boudoir, and Cloe came prepared with a steaming Starbucks container in her hands. We hugged and caught up – it’s been a few years since we last saw each other. She had big news to tell me – she was moving to Argentina and her plane was leaving less than 24 hours from the time we met. What an appropriate way to celebrate Seattle, shooting at Pike Place.

It was still the hour before dawn, the sky was painted pastel pink with a splatter of purple. We wrapped Cloe in fairy lights and started to shoot, capturing the Great Wheel, the closed down SR-99, the beautiful Elliott Bay making an appearance in the background.

Taking lots of break to warm up and to sip coffee, we moved around the market, hitting the major landmarks such as the classic Pike Place sign and even the gum wall.

It was empowering to watch Cloe stand in front of the sign, proud of who she is, of what she achieved, wild in her desire to be who she is. Wearing nothing but lingerie, she jutted her chin forward and posed for me, letting me capture her fierce spirit.

To me, this is the whole point of wild boudoir shoots: letting the woman in front of my camera drop any expectations or rules others may have for her and stand on her own, whether it is in a forest or downtown Seattle. It’s all about owning who you are and being proud of it. Accepting your body as beautiful beyond what the media tells you. Realizing there is so much to celebrate about being you.

Want to join Cloe and the other women on their journey to owning your wild? Fill out this form and let’s chat about what wild looks like to you.

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