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Seattle Under Snow

Yuliya Rae Seattle PNW portrait photographer snowpocalypse snowmageddon

“Are you ready for the storm?” the clerk at Safeway asked me as she scanned my groceries. “I heard we’re going to get up to a foot!”

The store was a pandemonium. Crowds gathered in every aisle, items flying off the shelves as if people were getting ready to hunker down for a month. The line looked to be at least 30 minutes long.

“I think I am,” I replied. “I am from the Midwest, so I am not too worried,” I chuckled.

And I really wasn’t. On the day the snow started falling, I walked to Fremont to write and eat pastries. As the first snowflakes hit the ground, the collective glee was palpable. Coffee shop employees giggled as they walked outside to stand in the snow, and I had a huge smile on my face as I was typing away on my laptop, trying to focus on my writing while the child in me begged to go out and play.

Later that night the snow started coming down in huge, fluffy chunks. I put on my boots, glanced at the clock that registered it was 11 PM, and walked outside. I marveled, I giggled, I stuck out my tongue to catch the passing snowflakes. I even made a snowman all by myself.

And the next day, when I woke up to everything hidden under a blanket of snow, I set up a photoshoot to remember this feeling forever.

The roads were shut down, so my only option was to walk. Alexis and I did just that as we got a few beautiful portraits and walked around Fremont area.

What was dubbed as “Seattle Snowmageddon” turned out to be the most memorable time of the winter. And thanks to the photos I took, I’ll be able to recall just how much snow covered the Emerald City in February of 2019.

Want to play in the snow with me? Hit me up to get your photo session on the books.


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