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Seattle Cherry Blossoms | UW Quad Photo Session

Yuliya Rae Seattle PNW portrait outdoors photographer cherry blossom uw quad

I have to admit that spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Watching earth go through a process of awakening is as mesmerizing as witnessing it retreat into its roots later in the year.

Both seasons signify change, one focusing outward and one inward. In spring we, just like plants awakening after a long slumber, shoot our leaves out toward the sun hoping to grow. And in the fall we send energy down into our roots to gather strength for a time of retrospection and pondering.

So every spring, as the trees begin to bud and the pale pink cherry blossoms open up their delicate petals to the pollinators, I watch in wonder. Noting the passing of another year, another season of growth.

It is a time of reflection and joy – seeing how far I’ve come on my own journey of becoming. Just like the trees, I blossom in celebration.

So last Saturday I woke up before dawn, gathered my camera equipment and drove to Quad to stand under the blossoming cherries and witness their bloom.

My friend and my muse – Rachel – arrived shortly thereafter. And despite the Quad being crowded even at 7 am, we rejoiced. Wearing a floral gown and a hat, Rachel frolicked under the rows of blooming trees, and I pressed the shutter.

It has become a tradition of mine to photograph at the UW quad, and I am glad I was able to do so once more this year.

Take a look at our beautiful shots and if you want a few sakura portraits of your own – you still have about a week to get in touch with me and schedule a session.

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