Video | Branding for Business Owners

Sometimes you simply can’t put what you do in words. It either becomes too complex or doesn’t quite represent your brand the way you want it to.

Instead of just writing about what you offer to your clients, why not show them too?

Besides blog writing and photography, I also offer video production to my clients. Short clips highlighting you at work, you interacting with a client, your beautifully crafted products. Perhaps you in your work space too to help a client get an idea of what your space looks like and what they would be walking into.

What I offer is simple and short:

  • a 30-45 seconds branding video that you can use for marketing & social media to boost engagement with your brand
  • simple music overlaid onto transitioned clips of what you do, how you do it and where you do it. *please note I do not offer a voice over or voice recording at this time*
  • can be created as part of a branding package or on its own

Ready to up your marketing game? Reach out to me to talk more about what we can create in a visual format for your brand.

Video Portfolio

Here are a few examples of short, simple videos I have created for clients in the past.